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Spraggan: I'm on dog-friendly tour

Lucy Spraggan has revealed that she is bringing her dog on the road.

The Sheffield-born singer, who appeared on the 2012 series of The X Factor, said she hopes her tour venues will accommodate her canine friend Steve.

"I've got a Boston terrier. He's coming on tour with me. I hope the venues are dog-friendly," she said.

"It took us a long time to find a tour bus company that was dog-friendly. But then they can't be any dirtier than the people in bands..." she added.

Lucy - whose debut album Join The Club is out now - admitted she's "very excited" about her upcoming tour, which kicks off at Margate Winter Gardens on October 21.

"I was 50/50 nervous/excited when it came to releasing the album, but for the tour, it's 100 per cent excitement. It's my biggest tour," she said.

"I did my first headline tour in May, and that was smaller and more intimate, and this time, it's the sort of venue I go to see other people in. I never thought I'd be able to play them myself."

Lucy released her album Top Room At The Zoo in November 2011 independently, before deciding to audition for The X Factor. After making the final 12, she left the ITV competition because of illness.

"I was fully aware what the show would be like, and I've never wanted to be an X Factor winner. I think people could see that when I was on the show," she said.

"It might've been cool, but it was more about showcasing what I already did and all the songs I'd already written."


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