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Stars out for Walsh's Shrek debut

Actress Denise Van Outen was among the celebrities who turned out to London's West End to see Kimberley Walsh make her official debut in Shrek the Musical.

The Girls Aloud star, 29, has taken over from Amanda Holden as the gutsy Princess Fiona in the show, which is based on the hit movie franchise.

The show also stars ex-EastEnder Nigel Harman as the diminutive Lord Farquaad, Nigel Lindsay as the green ogre Shrek and Richard Blackwood as the lovable Donkey.

It sees a group of fairytale creatures turn up at Shrek's swamp after they are banished from the kingdom of Duloc by Lord Farquaad. The villainous ruler agrees to let Shrek have his home to himself again in return for the rescue of Fiona, who is imprisoned in a castle.

Holden left the show because she is expecting a baby.

Comedian Bill Bailey also attended the show, at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Speaking after the show, Walsh said she found it more nerve-wracking being in the musical than performing with Girls Aloud.

She said: "Theatre is really intimate and you can't get away with anything so in that respect it's probably more nerve-wracking to do this. Plus, with the girls, even though you might be in front of 20,000 people, you've got each other and if anything goes wrong someone else will just cover it up."

Walsh added that it felt like "the perfect time and perfect thing to do" when she landed the role of Princess Fiona.

"You get to be a princess but with a bit of an edge, so I thought 'I can do this'," she added.


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