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Steps for Eurovision? Boyband Blue hope so

It has been more than two decades since the group first entered the charts.


Steps have spoken about whether they would take part in Eurovision (Ian West/PA)

Steps have spoken about whether they would take part in Eurovision (Ian West/PA)

Steps have spoken about whether they would take part in Eurovision (Ian West/PA)

Hit 90s pop group Steps have been encouraged to consider representing the UK at Eurovision by boyband Blue.

The fivesome are currently touring the UK more than two decades on from their breakthrough hit 5, 6, 7, 8 and are supported by Antony, Duncan, Lee and Simon who also reformed after a hiatus.

When asked if they would consider following in the footsteps of Blue – who came 11th in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Germany – Claire Richards said: “You never know. Never say never.”

The group, who released their first proper album for 17 years last year, seem largely set against the idea with the exception of Ian ‘H’ Watkins.

Richards said: “Well, if you ask H, he will say yes; if you ask the rest of us, possibly not.

“We had such an amazing year last year and still coming into this year, we are enjoying that wave at the moment.

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“When the rest of Europe like us, which will probably never happen, then maybe.”

Watkins added: “We’re on tour with Blue at the moment and I was watching their set the other day.

“They said, ‘This is a song from Eurovision and H tweeted the other day he’d love to do Eurovision’.

“And they went, ‘We think they should do it!’, so box ticked from Duncan.”

Richards and Watkins, along with fellow band members Lee Latchford-Evans, Lisa Scott-Lee and Faye Tozer, reformed in 2011 for a Sky Living series and a number of concerts, and now are back on the road again.

Watkins said he had been surprised at the staying power of the group, adding: “Nobody knew that we had this much longevity in us. We were signed up with a one-single deal and we thought that was going to be it.

“But we turned into this monster nobody could stop and here we are today.”

And as for future plans? “We’re in discussions about what’s going to happen next,” said Tozer.

Richards added: “We’re going to have a little break – not like a Ross and Rachel break – just a little break. Maybe not a break, a rest.”

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