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Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans pays tribute following mother-in-law’s death

The pop star said his wife had only just revealed the news herself.

Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans has paid tribute to his mother-in-law who died last month.

Latchford-Evans posted a message on Instagram, revealing he “suddenly lost” his Linda, his wife Kerry-Lucy’s mother, on May 23, along with a picture of flowers bearing the words mum, wife and nan.

The singer added: “A wonderfully passionate lady who would never pussy foot around & always be honest, true & loyal to her family.

“I’ve not posted anything before now out of respect for my wife who has only just recently decided to post.

“Linda we love and miss you, say hi to dad for me, please watch over us and help guide us through this sad & trying time. You will always be in our hearts. #rip #gonebutneverforgotten xx.”

Latchford-Evans, who rose to fame in the pop group Steps in the 1990s and who is currently back working with the band, married singer and actress Kerry-Lucy in 2012.

Earlier in June, the 43-year-old pop star posted a tribute to his father on Father’s Day, the first one without him.

“I love you, miss you & still can’t believe you are not here,” he wrote.


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