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Steven Tyler hurt in hotel fall

Aerosmith have had to postpone a concert after singer Steven Tyler fell in his hotel bathroom, hitting his face and losing two teeth, concert organisers have said.

The concert in Paraguay was being postponed for one day.

The Paraguayan dentist who treated the Aerosmith singer later said he was "doing splendidly."

Dr Maria Bastos said he was "friendly and humble" as he received two dental implants. She told the Monumental radio station that he "surprised me with his cheerfulness."

Officials of the Garzia Group that is organising the concert said the 63-year-old singer apparently became dizzy due to gastrointestinal problems and fell in his hotel bathroom.

He suffered cuts and broke two teeth, forcing a one-day delay in a concert in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion. It's now scheduled for Wednesday night.

Organisers expected more than 50,000 people to attend the concert.

Garzia Group spokesman Marcelo Antunez called the accident "minor".

The star was treated at a local hospital for cuts on his face and received two dental implants for the broken teeth.


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