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Stevie McCrorie wins The Voice

Ricky Wilson has told the winner of The Voice, fireman Stevie McCrorie: "You have to be a success."

The budding star, coached by Wilson, beat off competition from Lucy O'Byrne in the grand final of the BBC show and said it "feels like a dream".

His debut single, which will be available from midnight, is a cover of Lost Stars, which was originally by Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.

McCrorie, 29, from Clackmannanshire in Scotland, said his ultimate dream is to have a career in music, release albums, and be a "successful and sustainable artist".

He added: "Hopefully I can provide a living for my family." Prompted by Wilson to reveal his "real dream", McCrorie said: "My real dream is to get a house with a log fire in it. That's my real dream."

When asked about how previous winners have not enjoyed huge success, Wilson quickly replied: "Stevie hasn't won it before."

Asked what McCrorie will need to do to be different, Wilson said: "That's the first thing I said to him when ... I said, tell you what, if this show's going to carry on, you need to ... it's on your shoulders now. You have to be a success. And I know that you're going to do everything you can to do it because this is where it starts."

The BBC talent show has come up short in the past in its bid to match the success of acts created by The X Factor, who traditionally release a single immediately after the show ends.

Leanne Mitchell, who won the first series of The Voice, flopped when her debut single failed to reach the top 40 and her album missed out on the top 100.

Wilson said tomorrow is the first day of the rest of McCrorie's life.

McCrorie said he is a "very determined" person. Asked what his colleagues at the fire station will think, he said: "I think they're over the moon for me because they all wanted me to go for it.

"They were the guys that applied for me for this show. A lot of people have saw something in me that I didn't see, and even standing up there I've still got that self doubt and I think it's going to take a while to click in, to take in, that I've actually won The Voice 2015."

After his victory was announced, McCrorie, who Wilson said has already been asked to perform at T in the Park, said: "I never thought this was possible."

His voice faltered as he revealed: "I'm so lost for words right now. I can't thank everyone enough for doing this for me."

He went on: "After tonight it's down to business. Obviously the single is going to be out at midnight tonight and everyone that has voted for me, just go and buy that single."

After the show went off air, McCrorie said: "I feel like I'm kind of living in a dream right now," adding: "It doesn't feel real."

Sitting next to Wilson on the Kaiser Chiefs frontman's big red chair, McCrorie said: "It feels like a dream." Wilson told McCrorie the "next round" is "the rest of your life".

McCrorie said his emotions got a hold of him during his last performance because it was "so overwhelming".

He said when his name was called it felt like he was going to another round of the competition rather than being crowned the winner.

Turning to his winning contestant, Wilson said: "We beat ... he has 14 million Twitter followers."

He said what won it for McCrorie was simply him singing the song and "connecting with people".

McCrorie said he tried to act like he was not feeling the pressure of being the favourite but said he did "for quite a bit".

Wilson said: "Stevie's a typical Scotsman. Although on paper he was the favourite all along he still felt like the massive underdog."

Wilson joked that he now does not have to do the show next year, as McCrorie has given him "a way out". Wilson added: "I just wanted to win it. Now I can go home. Now I can go to Alton Towers."

Wilson said McCrorie has already been asked to play at T in the Park and hinted that the pair could join each other on stage for a couple of songs.

At this suggestion, McCrorie said: "Oh my God, man. So surreal. So surreal." He said his family believed in him from the start and said he was going to win it.

The fireman only ended up on the show after his workmates entered him.

He was the favourite to win the final, and bookmakers have quoted odds of 3/1 that his debut release goes to number one in the UK charts.

A spokesman for Coral said: "Stevie has proved a popular winner in this year's series of The Voice as he was well backed to win the show ever since his blind audition.

"All three previous winners of The Voice have struggled in the charts but our odds suggest Stevie could have some success with his debut single and album."

Meanwhile the bookmaker has pushed out the odds of Rita Ora returning to the show as a mentor next year to 5/2.

Executive producer Moira Ross said: "Having a track released on the night of the final adds even more excitement to the live show.

"I'm sure viewers will love the track - all four of our finalists are incredible singers and have made their own mark on it with four very different interpretations.", one of the show's judges, has previously criticised the programme for not having a record ready for release within days of the winner being announced.


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