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Stop the twerking says Sam Smith

Sam Smith said he gets angry when he performs and is "the only person not twerking".

The chart-topping singer also said he is "so unbelievably surprised and happy at how far the world has come" as things have happened to past gay artists that "haven't been great".

Speaking to The Telegraph magazine, Sam said: "It's quite frustrating actually when you do shows and you're the only person not twerking. I get angry, like, 'Why am I the only one standing there singing?' People should be doing that."

The soul star, 22, added: "There should be artists out there of all different shapes, sizes, colours and sexualities."

He told the magazine he has "always been an open book" about his sexuality, and said he came out as a gay man at a "very, very young age".

Sam also said it is true that he is related to fellow singer Lily Allen.

"I have only met her three or four times but every time she sees me she goes 'Cuz!', which is great," he said.