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Stormont MLA makes debut at music festival

A Stormont Assemblyman is to leave behind the corridors of government for a brief spell to turn his hand to a rather surprising new job.

Green Party leader Steven Agnew will be making his debut at a music festival in a likely first for a sitting member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Steven will be spinning the decks at the Boomstock Festival in Belfast at the city’s Pavillion Bar on May 4, in a musical gig held in memory of a dear friend of Steven’s, Conor Shaw, who tragically died last year from testicular cancer.

The festival, which will feature performances by Girls Names, Birthday Sex and a one-off collaboration between Not Squares and Third Man Theme, aims to celebrate the life of Conor, who had been a popular figure on the alternative music scene, and to raise money for his favourite charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres.

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