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Streaker invades Eurovision stage during live final

He was wrapped in an Australian flag.

A streaker has interrupted the Eurovision song contest final in Ukraine.

The stage invader, wrapped in an Australian flag, took to the stage during a performance by last year’s winner Jamala, and bared his bottom.

He was wrestled off the stage by a security guard as the singer continued to perform.

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Graham Norton, who was guiding UK viewers through the contest on BBC One, apologised to anyone who was offended by the streaker.

The prankster sneaked on to the stage pulled down his shorts and wiggled his bum at the cameras during the eight-second escapade.

He was then seen being ushered away from the crowd by several security guards.

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Jamala, who swept to victory in Stockholm last year with her song 1944, was returning to the Eurovision stage during a break between the final performance and the beginning of scoring.

A similar incident occurred at the 2010 competition in Norway when the Spanish entry had to perform for a second time following a stage disturbance.

Dressed in a hat to match the backing dancers’ distinctive outfits, an impostor reported to be Barcelona fan and sports event invader Jimmy Jump joined in the choreography before being removed by security.


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