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Surprise Dubliners gig at historic Crown bar

Belfast’s most famous pub was the surprise venue for an impromptu gig by the world famous Irish folk group, The Dubliners.

The band, which is celebrating 50 years in the business of making music, settled into one of the famous pub’s booths and treated patrons to renditions of favourites ‘The Belle of Belfast City’ and ‘Dirty Old Town’.

They foursome posed for pictures as they came to town to announce their 50th anniversary gigs in Belfast and Londonderry.

During their brief Crown gig, they paid tribute to their late member, Barney McKenna who died suddenly last month.

Guitarist Eamonn Campbell said: “It’s been like losing a brother but as Barney would have said, ‘it’s too late to stop now'. It’s what he would have wanted.”

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