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Svengali almost like real band tour

Jonny Owen and Vicky McClure have said they got a taste of what it was like to be on the road with a band while filming new movie Svengali.

The comedy sees Jonny as a postman desperate to find a band to manage, so when he discovers The Premature Congratulations on YouTube he goes off to London to take on the music industry with the support of his partner, played by Vicky.

Jonny said: "The band were funny because they became like a real band. We allowed them to rehearse together, we put them up in a hotel together, so they stayed together.

"We were in the hotel as well and one morning they knocked me up, they wanted to know where the local McDonalds was for breakfast because they were hungry and I was like, 'I'm not actually your manager, boys.'"

Vicky added: "The first thing I did before we even started shooting, they did a rehearsal with the band and Carl Barat (the former Libertines rocker) was there, so they were teaching them how to hold guitars and make yourselves look real cool... And I gave out the beers - that was my job."

Jonny added that he had learned something about holding guitars: "Very high, which is very Scouse, like Lennon used to do it, or very low, like Keith Richards which is very southern and London. In between is a no-no. High, kids, or low and you're alright."

The actor, who also wrote Svengali, said of working with Vicky: " She's the first actress I've ever met who actually wants less lines than she's given. Usually, actresses are trying to get more lines and more screen time.

"Vicky McClure would come in and go, 'I don't think she'd do that, or that, or that.' She's all about the part rather than just her performance."

Svengali is due out in cinemas on March 21.


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