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Swift: I feel like a normal person

Taylor Swift has revealed her song Blank Space pokes fun at how the press portray her as a "serial-dating, man-eater".

The singer-songwriter penned the track, which is on her new album 1989, from the perspective of the girl that the media often makes her out to be.

"I wrote it as a joke, and some people will realise it's done with a wink, but others will think it's the most honest thing I've ever written and that I really am psychotic," she said.

"The media has created this serial-dating, man-eating, jet-setting, needy person, who reels guys in and then scares them off and writes songs as weapons," she added, before singing the line: "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream!"

Taylor went on: "It's so far from who I am but it's such a complex profile of a human being. If I actually was that girl, Blank Space is the song I'd write and I'd have it as my mantra."

However, the 24-year-old accepted that she can't win over everyone.

"People are busy, I know they don't have the time or energy to develop a complex opinion about each and every pop star. You have to admit and accept some people are going to have a wrong impression of you, or a simplified definition," she said.

"And it's not important that people know every facet of how I live my life, my views on things, how I conduct my business. They don't have time for that. Super-fans do, but most people just want a song they can dance to, relate to or cry to."

Taylor also told how despite her fame, she works to keep her feet on the ground.

"I feel like a normal person, but I know my life is not normal," she said. "It's just not. I've been clinging onto my self-awareness for a long time and I'm not willing to lose that.

"It's the most important thing with regard to me staying sane, continuing to write songs honestly. Having a balanced perception of who I am, and keeping tabs on who and what people think I am, is all part of the way I keep my mind right on a daily basis."

:: Taylor Swift's new album 1989 is out now.


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