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Swift plays Santa for biggest fans

Taylor Swift has made some of her fans' year by sending them early Christmas gifts that she chose herself.

The Blank Space singer decided to treat some of her most loyal supporters by playing Santa and sending them gifts she had bought while travelling the world.

She accompanied each of the gifts with handwritten notes telling them more about the places she had bought them and why she had chosen the recipients, sending her fans into meltdown.

One lucky fan, Hailey, got a china tea set from Japan, with a note which read: "You can always make me laugh. Thank you for that. For your sassy posts and off-the-wall videos and for not taking me or yourself too seriously."

Another, Hannah, was sent a Bobbi Brown make-up palette, Taylor's trademark red lipstick and a mirror, which came with the note: "Every time you look into this I hope you see what I see."

Hannah tweeted photos of herself in overwhelmed tears at the unexpected gifts, while Hailey showed off her presents and thanked Taylor on Instagram.


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