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Tamera wants to be new Kanye West

The X Factor's Tamera Foster has said she is setting her sights on becoming the female answer to Kanye West.

Contestant Tamera, 16, told Metro about her ambitions after she leaves the ITV show.

She said: "I love Kanye West's new album and the beats that he puts down, they're so different and out of the ordinary. I love things like that so I would love to do something like that.

"I'd want to kind of change up the female music industry. I would do RnB and hip-hop and that kind of thing and I would want my lyrics to mean something so they could connect with people and help them out in some way."

Tamera also said she had found a lot in common with mentor Nicole Scherzinger: "Me and Nicole are really, really similar actually now that I've got to know her.

"She's really cool. We've got quite a similar background and personalities so I find it really easy to talk to her. We have had the same upbringing and we have the same kind of sense of humour and the same taste in music."

Meanwhile, an X Factor spokesman has told the Daily Mail that there is no truth in rumours that Tamera is difficult to work with.

The spokesman said: "We've no idea where this claim has come from or what it is based on as Tamera has been a pleasure to work with.

"Despite being just 16 years old she has approached the competition with maturity and has a good relationship with the other contestants and the production team."


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