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Taylor Swift happy with birthday snow

Taylor Swift was thrilled that it snowed on her 21st birthday.

The country singer reached the landmark age yesterday, although she didn’t plan anything too extravagant to celebrate.

Taylor was interviewed by Nashville DJ Gerry House on WSIX on the big day, and said she was over the moon to find Nashville covered in snow.

“Plans? For my birthday? This is it! This was all I planned for,” she laughed.

“It snowed yesterday, you know, so that kind of limits activities. I may sit inside my apartment and pretend I’m in a snow globe.”

The beautiful star then joked that she had marked the occasion on her calendar by writing “21st Birthday!”, but that was all the preparation she had done as she confessed “that’s about as far as it went for the day”.

Taylor also explained how she didn’t feel any more mature than she had done the day before. For the singer, age is within a person’s head and shouldn’t be about numbers. The gorgeous star thinks it’s important to guard a youthful outlook on life.

“I don’t feel older all of a sudden,” she explained. “It’s a state of mind thing, how you see the world, being excitable, staying excitable and impressionable and doing your best not to become jaded or bitter. I think keeping your mind and your heart open keeps you young.”

Taylor is currently rumoured to be dating Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal, although the pair are keeping tight-lipped on the issue. The singer remained coy over whether she had any exciting plans for her birthday evening although hinted something was in the pipeline.

“Later on I might have plans, but not really during the day,” she laughed.

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