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Taylor Swift ‘reclaims the snake’ as she posts third video while fans await new music

The singer was compared to the reptile last year after a row with Kanye West.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has continued her social media tease as she revealed the face of a snake in a third cryptic clip.

Swift followed up her video of an unidentified creature’s tail to reveal, as fans had expected, the mystery reptile was a snake.

The latest clip, posted on Instagram and Twitter, shows the creature’s head writhing around before snapping at the screen.

Fans delighted that she had “reclaimed the snake” after being compared to the reptile last year following a public row with Kanye West.

West was criticised for rapping “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, Why? I made that b**** famous” but insisted Swift had approved it.

She denied she had ever heard it but a video by West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, showed a phone call between the rapper and Swift which appeared to show her giving her blessing.

Adam Barrett tweeted he “100% love(s) that Taylor Swift is embracing her snake persona”.

Beau Burris wrote: “She reclaimed the snake… she knows what she’s doin I’ll give her that.”

Colton Bradford posted: “Did y’all really think you could get away with calling Taylor Swift a snake and she would let y’all sit back and do it? This is brilliant,” while @Mhairi_outerson tweeted: “omg it’s actually a snake”.

Samantha Elizabeth posted: “Can’t even wait to see what @taylorswift13 comes out wth Friday and LOVE that she’s embracing the snake sitch.”