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Taylor Swift turns invisible and dances in the rain in new music video

The pop singer shows off her goofy side in the new clip.

Taylor Swift dances through a hotel, the subway and a rain-soaked street in her new music video Delicate as she turns invisible.

The US singer’s latest video debuted during the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, where she was crowned female artist of the year.

The video sees Swift looking melancholy while dressed up for an event, before discovering she has vanished to those around her.

Seizing the opportunity, she whips off the long skirt from her dress and dances freely and goofily through a glamorous hotel before making her way out into the underground train station and the street, where the rain pours down on her.

One of the highlights from the video comes when Swift pulls funny faces at herself in a mirror.

Delicate was directed by Joseph Kahn, who was also behind her videos Bad Blood, Look What You Made Me Do and End Game among others.

It was filmed over two nights in downtown Los Angeles and features landmarks such as the Los Angeles Theatre and the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

Fans of the 28-year-old took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the video, which quickly became a trending topic on the social networking site.

Some compared the clip to Britney Spears’s video for Lucky, in which Spears portrayed a young woman who was unhappy with being famous and all its spoils.

One said: “This reminds me of Britney Spears’ Lucky. #DelicateMusicVideo.”

Another wrote the lyrics of Lucky in a tweet while sharing similar shots of both Swift and Spears staring into mirrors in their videos.

Many others pinpointed the face-pulling moment of the video.

“We all make ugly faces when we are alone. even tay tay,” one fan wrote, while another said they were “tearing up” to see Swift so happy.

One fan enthused: “I don’t know what I love more; Taylor Swift’s goofy faces, or her goofy dancing in the #Delicate music video. ALL OF IT IS BRILLIANT.”

Delicate is the fourth music video from Swift’s sixth album Reputation.


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