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Taylor Swift’s second cryptic clip fuels suspense for new music

Fans are becoming even more certain that TS6 is on the way.


Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift.

Singer Taylor Swift has continued to fuel speculation about new music by posting a second cryptic clip of an unidentified creature’s tail.

It comes a day after she shared a similar video in her first social media post since wiping both her Twitter and Instagram accounts last week.

The most recent update shows a closer, but crackly, view of what appears to be an animated animal’s tail twitching and writhing on a black background.

It appears that this second clue has made fans more certain than ever that Swift is on the edge of releasing a sixth album.

Among the gifs and memes posted by excited fans, Lindee Link replied on Twitter: “The suspense is killing me.”

Dani wrote: “TS6 really is coming isn’t it,” while Az pleaded: “Can u just tell us what is going on.”

Other confused followers have begged to know what the bizarre creature, which has been compared to a snake, a dragon, and a rat’s tail, can mean.

Jess joked: “She either hyped over the dragon in GoT (Game Of Thrones) or she’s gonna release a new album!”

Meanwhile, singer Charli XCX posted earlier: “I woke up at 5am this morning thinking bout Taylor Swift.”

The 27-year-old Shake It Off star has yet to make any public announcements, but some reports have said Swift has plans to release a single, named Timeless.