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Temples' sound 'from all over'

Rising stars Temples have insisted they are more than just a retro band.

The group from Kettering - which consists of Thomas Warmsley, James Bagshaw, Adam Smith and Samuel Toms - recently released their debut album Sun Structures.

But despite its 60s references they said their music comes from plenty of different influences and eras.

Thomas said: "I think that tag misses a lot of what's on the record, but how people perceive your album is the most important thing.

"In an ideal world we'd be seen as not one thing more than any other, there are lots of influences involved. And on first listen it might sound like The Beatles, or 60s pop, but there's just as much from the 70s in the experimentation, and synths from the 80s, and sampling from the 90s. It involves no decade more than another. There are nods to the records we all love, but they're from all over the place."

He went on: "There's a much bigger picture, and it's about mixing the strange with the familiar."

The band have been touring since January but are loving life on the road.

"It's good, and something we're used to now," said Thomas. "Since we started Temples we've toured almost non-stop, and when we're not touring we've been writing and recording the album. We're flat-out busy, but that's the way to be and long may it continue."

:: Temples released their debut album Sun Structures in February, and tour the UK throughout March. For information go to


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