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Tennent’s Vital: Fewer irate calls to noise hotline as residents take a more relaxed approach

By John Mulgrew

Noise levels during the closing day of Tennent’s Vital appeared to be down — with significantly fewer complaints.

Fortunately for some — and unfortunately for others keen to enjoy a free concert — as thousands took to the Boucher playing fields it seemed only those in certain areas managed to get an earful of ‘Madchester’ mob, the Stone Roses — who took to the stage shortly after 9pm last night.

On Tuesday, dozens of Belfast householders complained to police and contacted the council’s dedicated noise hotline over their objections to volume levels — as the Foo Fighters took to the stage.

It’s understood decibel levels at the concert last night did not exceed the limit and the council’s noise complaints line received some 25 calls — fewer than on opening night. At Boucher Road the sound soon dissipated only a few hundreds metres away heading towards the city. But residents in some areas — including Marlborough Park and Osborne Park off the Lisburn Road — reported high noise levels.

SDLP councillor Claire Hanna said she had received some complaints but it appeared noise levels were down on Tuesday’s gig.

She added. “Some streets close to the venue were quite loud.

“These events are positive but we need to find a way to keep the noise in the venue.”

One tweeter, despite being some distance away, posted: “Can hear (Stone Roses song) Waterfall as clear as anything over east Belfast.”

A south Belfast resident said: “The Stone Roses deceibel level has suddenly shot up in Rosetta. Change of wind direction?”

But Angela Lynn (55) — living just off the Lisburn Road — said the noise levels were “nothing compared to the previous” night.

“It was a shame because I missed out on a second free concert,” she added. “The Foo Fighters were great and it was almost like they were in my living room — but last night it was nowhere near as loud, not at all.”

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