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Terminally ill Bap Kennedy set to release new album

By Ann W Schmidt

Belfast singer Bap Kennedy's last album - recorded before he fell seriously ill earlier this year - has opened for pre-order before its release next month.

The album, titled Reckless Heart, had its first play on the Ralph McLean Show on BBC Radio Ulster last night and will be released internationally on November 18.

Bap, the former frontman for Energy Orchard, had just finished recording Reckless Heart when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May this year.

Travis Hill, the founder and owner of Last Chance Records, said: "Reckless Heart is the culmination of a lifetime of refining the craft of songwriting. Bap Kennedy delivers nothing less than a timeless album that captures the songwriter at his peak."

In May, Bap had to cancel a festival performance in Co Mayo so his wife Brenda could take him to the Ulster Hospital because he was suffering severe stomach pains.

He later set up a blog to keep people updated until he was "well enough to perform again" and in his first blog post he announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Because of his illness, Bap cancelled his other performances.

He continued to post about his illness, updating fans on an operation he had, the fact that doctors were unable to remove his cancer and his move to a Marie Curie Hospice in August.

However, Bap stayed positive in his messages. In one post from July he wrote: "There's so much trouble in the world, yet all I've had directed at me lately has been love and kindness.

"I've never felt so loved and appreciated. I think my heart is going to burst."

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