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The Feeling: New album true to us

The Feeling have said their latest album was their "easiest" to make.

The British pop rock band are making their comeback with new record Boy Cried Wolf, which they made independently, and revealed it was a very relaxed creative experience.

Bassist Richard Jones said: "Dan (singer Dan Gillespie Sells) bought an old pub a few years ago, and that's where we set up our studio. It's a really nice place to work, there's a bit of the bar from the old pub, big high ceilings, and it meant we could take our time and work at our own pace."

He suggested the album gets back to who the band are.

"It's like when we made our first album and no one knew us and we were just making music," he explained.

"Eventually we got a record deal and had some success. When making our second - and third album particularly - there were a lot of people trying to have an influence. There was a lot of pressure coming at us from the label to deliver something. While we like those albums, we feel they're not as consistent as our first. There was too much involvement from other people in the creative process. This time, it's just us again and it's true to what we wanted it to be."

The Feeling have left their old label since their last offering and admitted it felt a bit odd striking out on their own again.

Richard said: "I suppose it's a bit like leaving a marriage or something. We'd been with Universal for seven years, and even though the last few years weren't working well for either of us, and we felt liberated having left, we did feel a bit freaked out by it, wondering if anyone would ever love us again. But creatively, no, we were never worried. And this was the easiest record we've made since our first, and we didn't have any problem getting a deal to release it."

:: The Feeling's new album Boy Cried Wolf is released on October 7 and a UK tour starts two weeks later.


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