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Tinie bigs himself up with workouts

Tinie Tempah has said he has been working on his fitness so that he can keep up with his hectic work schedule - with the added bonus that he looks better on dates.

The Pass Out rapper told Men's Health that he had realised it was important to get in shape as his shows got longer and more tiring.

According to the Daily Mirror, he said: "I was doing loads of touring and I started to realise how much effort you have to put in and how much stamina you need: the stages were getting bigger, the sets were getting longer.

"So the physical aspect prompted me to go to the gym, but also the mental aspect.

"It's almost like a different kind of wake-up call. You wake up and go to the gym then you're really awake, because you're sweating, your heart rate's up... that was what kept me coming back."

Tinie said his new-found fitness had added benefits, but cautioned that he didn't want to get too big.

He said: "Even when I date girls, there's so much of a difference when you're working out and taking pride in your appearance.

"You're more confident, you feel hotter... Peter Parker's not necessarily the bulkiest guy, but when he's in his costume, you can see the work.

"I didn't want to look like a meathead. I still need to wear suits, man - that would kill my vibe completely."


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