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Tinie goes for new collaborations

Tinie Tempah has explained he collaborated with The Chemical Brothers on his new album because he wanted to bring a new edge to his music.

The Pass Out singer is about to release his new album Demonstration and said he had been trying out some different sounds.

He said: "I suppose it's not the first person you'd think I'd work with, but I knew Tom (The Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands) would bring an edge to my music that hasn't been there before.

"Musically The Chemical Brothers have never conformed, and have always brought out fresh sounds and experimented with new styles of music. I feel that's the artist I am and what I want to do."

He added: "Luckily, because of the first album, I'm in a situation where I can ask these people. Plus, just from being around, I've got to know some of them pretty well and there's a level of respect here. I can honestly say I'm a huge fan of all of the people on the record."

Tinie, 24, said that the new styles he had tried out could be heard on the album.

He explained: "The idea from the beginning was for the album to move through all these styles, like someone has their iPod on shuffle, but all the songs are by me. I think that's what modern culture is. No-one is exclusive, no-one likes to just hear one thing.

"We're all spoilt for choice and, in this day and age, half the people buying music will be going home and compiling their own mixtapes anyway, with all their favourites on."

:: Tinie Tempah's new single Children Of The Sun is released on October 28 and his second album Demonstration is released on November 4. He begins an arena tour on December 2.


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