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Tinie: My run-in with the royals

Tinie Tempah has revealed he cringed when he met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after an early gig - because he was dripping in sweat.

The Pass Out star also told how he was offered an ice-pop from Prince William at the Radio 1 concert in Bangor, North Wales, but turned it down as he "didn't want to deprive the future king" of a lolly.

"William was really dressed down. Kate looked gorgeous in a nice dress. He put his hand on my shoulder and I cringed. I was so sweaty, like eurgggh," Tinie confessed in an extract from his new book My Story So Far, printed in The Sun.

"He made a little joke about my trousers being so low, saying he thought they were going to fall off halfway through my performance and said he loves going to festivals but he goes incognito."

The 22-year-old added: "His aide came out with a box of Soleros and there was only four in there but there were five of us in the room. William offered me one and I was like, 'No thanks.'

"I didn't want to deprive the future King of his Solero!"


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