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Tinie: Producers the new rock stars

Tinie Tempah has said he thinks the charts are too driven by producers.

The Trampoline rapper is worried that the current craze for famous producers and DJs has made them the "new rock stars" and means it is becoming too difficult for wannabe solo singers to make it.

He told the Daily Star: "The charts are so producer-driven these days.

"Even though there's a vocal on the song, it's all about the beat and who made it.

"Producers are the new rock stars but they aren't the artists. It's killing the opportunity for any real solid artists to have well-rounded careers."

Simply Unstoppable star Tinie, 26, said not many "album level artists" are coming through because tracks are the focus now.

He continued: "What if all producers and DJs refused to make songs for other artists?

"Imagine if Timbaland said: 'Why should I do music for you when I can have Drake and Missy feature on my record?'."


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