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Tinie Tempah plans Scunthorpe trip 10 years after Pass Out release

He said he had never been to the town in the lyrics.


Tinie Tempah (Ian West/PA)

Tinie Tempah (Ian West/PA)

Tinie Tempah (Ian West/PA)

Tinie Tempah has revealed he has still never been to Scunthorpe, 10 years after the release of his hit single Pass Out.

The 2010 track, featuring Labrinth, includes the lyric: “I’ve been Southampton but I’ve never been to Scunthorpe,” and the musician admitted that fact still had not changed.

Appearing on Capital Breakfast, he said: “I haven’t, man. I’ve been pretty much everywhere else but I still haven’t been there.”

After speaking to a listener named Hannah who lives in the north-east Lincolnshire town and told him about all it has to offer, he was asked if he could be tempted to visit.

He replied: “Do you know what, I feel we will. Do you know what, I think that all the Capital team, we need to make an event of this.

“We need to do it, at some point this year, after lockdown, I’m up for it. Let’s figure it out, get Hannah on the phone after this and let’s work things out.”