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Tom Jones battles stage nerves

Sir Tom Jones has revealed he still gets terrified every time he goes on stage.

The 72-year-old legend, who is set to play the Virgin Media V Festival in August, admitted that he feels the fear before a performance.

"I still lie awake at night hoping I don't muck it up. It's not like I'm just backstage taking it all for granted and skipping onto the stage. I'm always worried my voice isn't going to work," the Welsh wonder admitted to the Daily Star.

The Voice judge added: "I told the contestants on The Voice, 'Don't be worried if you're nervous before you come on because we all get like that'."

After 48 years of hits all around the world, Tom reckons his life could be turned into a film, and has an idea who could portray him on the big screen.

"I think Paolo Nutini could do a good job, certainly with singing. At one time I thought Robbie Williams would do a good job playing me. But now even he's a bit old, and you'd need someone who could play an even younger me," he said.


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