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Tom Walker: I’ve bought my own Glastonbury ticket again

His grandmother sent in a special video message.

Tom Walker on stage (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Tom Walker on stage (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Tom Walker has bought his own Glastonbury Festival ticket just in case he does not get booked for the stage.

The Brit-nominated singer previously forked out for a ticket for the festival but ended up performing there.

The 37-year-old told Good Morning Britain: “I bought the ticket thinking I was going to go as a punter but ended up doing two gigs. It was amazing…

“And, just in case they don’t ask me this year, I’ve bought a ticket again.”

He said he “wasn’t taking any chances”, adding: “It’s my favourite festival.”

Walker’s grandmother sent in a video message to the singer on the show.

“She’s such a sweetheart … She went to her first festival last year – at 80 years old. She just came down for the day.”

The Leave A Light On singer joked: “She started the mosh pit!”



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