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Tong and Harris have 'connection'

Pete Tong has admitted he wishes he had signed Calvin Harris.

The DJ said he has a "crazy connection" with the Scottish music star, who he is set to play a handful of dates with.

"It's bizarre with him, as I can't think of many people in my career that I feel like about; I should have signed him basically, that's what I should have done!" he said.

" I do feel with him that we have some special connection. There was a very famous occasion where he came to a Radio One weekend, sought me out, found me, and told me the reason he was making music was because he grew up listening to me. Then he gave me an album that he'd written and it all just started - we had a crazy connection."

Pete also revealed he doesn't think Calvin - who is his neighbour in LA - set out to be a DJ.

" He's quite shy and insisted on going out with his band in the early days," explained the star, who was speaking at the Ballantine's Soundtrack Of You event in Edinburgh to celebrate the launch of the new Ballantine's Finest bottle.

"For some reason he was having massive successes but, as a band, it wasn't really clicking.

"So he became a DJ. He wasn't really a DJ and I don't think he wanted to be a DJ; he just wanted to be a singer or a musician. In the early days he wasn't really that good at the start - he didn't click into it that easily - but he just worked really, really hard and now he's become a really good DJ; the biggest DJ in the world basically."


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