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Tony Hadley thanked by Singaporean man he helped win quiz cash prize

The pair spoke to each other during a video call on Good Morning Britain With Lorraine Kelly.


Tony Hadley (Ian West/PA)

Tony Hadley (Ian West/PA)

Tony Hadley (Ian West/PA)

Tony Hadley has been thanked by a Singaporean man who he helped to win a cash prize from a radio station after they claimed he had mispronounced the singer’s name.

The Spandau Ballet star reportedly stepped in to tell the station that Muhammad Shalehan had said his name correctly when answering a question which carried a 10,000 Singaporean dollar prize (£5,757).

During ITV’s Good Morning Britain With Lorraine Kelly, the pair came face-to-face during a video call during which the quiz contestant thanked Hadley for helping him get the decision reversed.

Hadley said: “I suppose from both of our points of view, we didn’t expect this to go global.”

He added: “The ironic thing about this business with the radio station in Singapore – they are the sponsors of my concert on October 10, so when I come to collect my fee there might be a little bit less.”

The star added that when he got the message from Mr Shalehan he thought it was a “joke” or a “hoax” before realising that it was real.

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“I listened to the radio tag and he said ‘Tony Hadley’, and I thought, ‘That sounds like me’,” he added.


(Philip Toscano/PA)

(Philip Toscano/PA)


(Philip Toscano/PA)

During the ITV programme, Mr Shalehan said that Hadley is his “idol right now” and he will use the money to support his family after the birth of his fourth child.

He added that he was “over the moon” when he received the singer’s reply, adding that his hands were “literally trembling”.

Messages of support have subsequently been sent to him from countries including South Africa, Australia and the UK, he added.

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