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Trainor didn't expect chart success

Meghan Trainor has revealed she never thought her song All About That Bass could be a chart success, because it is so different.

The 21-year-old singer from Massachusetts took the music industry by storm with her song - which reached number one in 24 countries around the world and is nominated for two awards at this year's Grammys.

But Meghan confessed of writing the track: "Even we knew - this would never hear the light of day, it's not like the songs on the radio, there's no auto-tune and perfect pitc hes.

"And it did what we all didn't know it could do."

She added: "I read an article that was talking about how it was nominated for a Grammy and they said how they appreciate how different it was from everything you hear on the radio. Lyrically, sonically, and they said thank you for breaking all the rules and just writing a good song. And I I oved that, and that's what I think we captured."

Meghan recently teamed up with One Direction star Harry Styles to write a love song together, which she recorded playing her ukulele .

She revealed: "I write a lot on my ukulele, so the world hasn't even heard my ukulele side. That's a true love of mine that I love to show. I love that vibe.

"It's not on the album a lot, but in my next album I hope my Harry song will be in there, or more songs like that."

And Meghan - who topped the UK chart for four weeks in a row with All About That Bass - admitted her life had changed for ever now.

She said; "My song went number one, that's when I thought 'Uh-oh, I did it!' I got a number one song, a pop song, which is very hard to do. I know as a song writer that's everyone's dream, to get a number one.

"So when that happened I thought, 'It's all over now - we're famous!'"


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