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Travis got reacquainted for album

Fran Healy has said he needed to get to know his Travis bandmates again before making their new album.

Where You Stand is the band's first album since 2008 and Fran said there had been a lot of catching up to do in between.

He said: "It's like you become a quarter of yourself, or take on a quarter of the other three's personalities. These past two-and-a-half years, we all caught up with ourselves, so when we did come back together, we needed to get to know each other again

"We had to spend time catching up with the people we hadn't been able to become when we were in the band together."

Fran said they'd now found new things in common: "When we formed we'd all been to art school, apart from Neil, but we all knew each other. We had lots in common and were very close. Now we're all fathers and that's given us something else.

"It's funny to have that length of time with people, where you have art school and being teenagers in common, and then years later you have fatherhood."

Fran explained the new album had come together in parts.

"You know that thing where you draw the head of someone on a piece of paper, fold it over, and pass it on to someone else and they have to draw the next part of the body without looking at what you've done?" he asked. "Well, that's sort of what we did for the album."

:: Travis release their new album Where You Stand on Monday, August 19.


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