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Troubled Keatings confirm that marriage is at an end

By Claire McNeilly

Ronan Keating and his wife Yvonne have decided to go their separate ways after a failed bid to save their marriage.

The couple released a statement at the weekend confirming the end of their 12-year relationship, following a trip to Australia.

Although they spent the weekend with their three children in their rented apartment in Malahide, 36-year-old Yvonne will begin making plans to move into what was meant to be their dream home.

Their troubles ended in a separation in May amid revelations that the Boyzone star had an affair with dancer Francine Cornell (26).

There had been speculation that Yvonne, a former model, had forgiven her wayward 33-year-old husband and that everything was back on track.

“Everyone was writing about this fairytale ending but that was never the case,” a source told the Sunday Independent.

“They had never gotten back together — they simply tried their best and worked through the summer in each other's company for the sake of the children. The children always come first.

“Now Yvonne is back in Ireland and the kids are back in school, it had to be made clear that their marriage was over and an end had to be put to the constant merry-go-round of Press speculation.”

Keating is due to fly back to Australia in the next two weeks to continue work on the Australian X Factor, and friends say the couple will make separate permanent living arrangements as soon as the new home is ready. Meanwhile, it is believed that Miss Cornell is hoping Keating will make a fresh start with her in the future.

The two are said to have become very close on an emotional level during their time on tour.

“I think people underestimate his friendship with Francine,” said a source. This wasn't just a fling, there was a lot more to it than people realise.

“Francine never did a kiss-and-tell, no matter how many deals were dangled before her. That's not something to take lightly. She loves Ronan and respects him. I wouldn't write things off on her side just yet.

“I think when things calm down, Ronan could well be seen trying to give it another chance with her.”

The star spent Saturday at the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords with his children Jack (11), Marie (9) and Ali (4).

On Friday, a note was sent to newspaper editors on behalf of the couple which read: “On May 20, Ronan and Yvonne Keating issued a statement confirming their separation.

“The situation as outlined in that statement remains the same and the couple continue to work together in order to provide the best for their children.”

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