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Troumaca reveal handshake signing

Troumaca singer Sam Baylis has revealed how they were signed up to DJ Gilles Peterson on a handshake promise.

The five-piece band from Birmingham - consisting of Sam, Geoffrey Foulkes, Tom Gregory, James Nayak and Matthew Campbell - had a chance meeting with the DJ at a music festival, which led to a record deal.

Sam explained: "We played at a festival called Moseley Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival in 2012, and we didn't know he was there. Someone said he wanted to have a chat with us, so we went over.

"He said, 'Before I shake your hands, are you signed to a label?' We weren't, so we shook hands and that was it. We've got such respect for him, and he makes us feel brilliant about what we do."

The band also formed almost by chance.

Sam revealed: "We all knew each other, whether from going to school together or just from being about Birmingham. We've been in bands before but always got bored, and then we became Troumaca and started writing songs straight away.

"Before that we were just doing general stuff, bad jobs and all that. We always wanted to be in a band and a normal life doesn't really appeal to any of us. That's a real driver for all of us, as it is with most bands."


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