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Turner tries out new tracks on tour


Frank Turner is avoiding big city venues on his latest tour

Frank Turner is avoiding big city venues on his latest tour

Frank Turner is avoiding big city venues on his latest tour

Frank Turner has revealed how he's bucking the live trend by playing venues off the beaten track during his latest tour.

The folk-punk singer, who has been on the road for much of the past 16 years, will also not be using his gigs to promote a new album - but rather giving fans a taster of new material before he heads into the studio again.

Turner, with his band The Sleeping Souls, is heading out on the road again in September, on his second UK tour this year. He will be performing in smaller venues, a nod to the fact that he grew up in the Hampshire village of Meonstoke, and bands very rarely, if ever, came to play nearby.

"It's also a nod of respect to people who like my music," he said. "I am aware not everyone lives in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

"And people are so entitled these days. As soon as we announced these gigs, people in the cities were saying, 'There's nowhere near me', so I say 'Yes there is, there's this place, which is 15 minutes on the train'. Those guys in the sticks have to travel all the time.

"Plus, as well as keeping fans on their toes, it's more interesting for me and my crew to go to new places, too."

The other reason Turner's forthcoming run of shows will be different is that rather than promoting an album - his fifth album Tape Deck Heart came out last year - he and the band are going to be playing all-new songs in preparation for recording their sixth.

"We're going into the studio in October," he explained. "I've long had the feeling I'm yet to make a record that captures what we sound like live. You can think about methodology and studio craft all you want, but why not just go into the studio on the back of a tour when we're sounding great?

"And I've got way too many songs for an album - 19 at last count - so we're going to play lots of them, and we will work out what to put on the record from that. Not that I'm going to be saying, 'That went down well, let's put it on the record', but I'll get a good idea from crowd reaction and from playing the songs each night."

:: Frank Turner's latest album, Tape Deck Heart, is out now. He begins a UK tour on September 11.