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Twiggy back on song with new album

Model Twiggy is to revive her music career with a new album - in her 60s.

The M&S ad star, who became the face of swinging London as a teenager, released a string of singles in the 1970s, including top 20 hit Here I Go Again.

Now she is to release an album of recordings of romantic hits, including a collaboration with her friend Bryan Adams.

Twiggy, 61, first won acclaim for her musical performances when she starred in the Ken Russell film The Boyfriend and later took West End roles for musical theatre.

During the 1970s she appeared on TV singing alongside such figures as Bing Crosby and Bryan Ferry and enjoyed a pair of top 40 albums.

The model - born Lesley Hornby - said many could be forgiven for forgetting her previous musical career although she did not want them to think she was turning to it for the first time.

"I haven't done this for quite a while, so people forget, and there's no reason why they should remember, it's my life," she said.

"I've been very visible doing other things, but you don't want people to think 'Oh, now Twiggy's doing an album', because I'm actually going back into what I've done since 1970."

Her album, Romantically Yours, features new recordings of a number of her favourite songs including Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart and Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks.


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