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Two Door Cinema Club: Gigs, interviews and doing their washing

Frontman: Alex Trimble |said nothing was off limits for the documentary
Frontman: Alex Trimble |said nothing was off limits for the documentary

By Maureen Coleman

With a chart-topping second album, headlining festival slots and an Olympic opening ceremony performance, it's been an eventful few months for Two Door Cinema Club.

Much of their success has been down to the relentless touring of the young Northern Irish electro-pop trio, who've spent most of the last year away from home.

Now fans of the Co Down band are to be given an insight into life on the road, with a new four-part documentary entitled What We See.

The warts-and-all documentary, filmed by Gregg Houston (of Babysweet Sessions), a friend of the band, depicts their European summer tour, prior to the release of current album Beacon.

Shot on one camera by Houston, the film showcases numerous intimate moments from the road.

What We See follows the group as they perform to tens of thousands of fans across the globe. The boys also reflect upon the how much their lives have changed and how they try to stay connected to their families and friends back in Bangor and Donaghadee.

Speaking about the band's life on the road, singer Alex Trimble

said nothing was off limits — and the result was an honest depiction of their lives.

“We never told Greg to stop filming at any point. If it’s really good and he films it then great. If it’s really bad and he films it, even better,” he said.

He said although their manic schedule could be “weird”, the band also wanted to show they still enjoy normal moments.

He explained: “We wanted to capture how weird it is, the constant travelling, meeting so many

people, all the interviews and shows we do every single day, and we also wanted to capture how normal our lives are too — we all sit down for dinner together, we go for walks the three of us, we get our washing done. Those things bring the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle back down to earth.”

He continued: “When we started touring, touring was like this all-consuming force, It just sort of took every single part of my life and touring became my life.

“The past few years have sort have been not necessarily a struggle, but a learning curve. So it’s learning to be in touch with the people you leave behind and learning to just deal with the ridiculousness of it all.”

Kevin Baird, Two Door Cinema Club’s bassist, said the band, which also features Sam Halliday on lead guitar, was getting more used to their non-stop way of life.

“Touring has become much more normal,” he said. “When we first started going on tour, everything was really, really exciting and new. But we've become more aware of the things we've had to give up to get to this point, and trying to not give up any more.”

The documentary will be premiered as part of Belfast Music Week, on Monday, November 5, at the QFT in Belfast.

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