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Tyler wishes parents saw Eurovision

Bonnie Tyler has said her one Eurovision regret is that her song contest superfan parents won't see her perform.

The Holding Out For A Hero singer will represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest on May 18 with Believe In Me.

She said: "I only wish my parents were still alive to see it because they loved Eurovision and would be so proud."

Bonnie, 61, explained her plan to finally get the rest of Europe to vote for a UK act in what is often a tactical competition.

She said: "About 120 million people watch Eurovision and I have a lot of friends in Europe.

"If you're British and you can't vote for me, ask your Facebook friends from foreign countries to support our country because they can't vote for their own, you see?

"Germany can't vote for Germany so hopefully they're going to vote for me because I'm always over there, it's like my second home."

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Malmo, Sweden on Saturday May 18 and is on BBC One at 8pm.


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