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U2: Spider-Man musical was hard

U2 stars Bono and The Edge have admitted that providing the music for the new Spider-Man musical was more difficult than they thought it would be.

He and The Edge, the band's lead guitarist, signed on back in 2002 to write the score for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in partnership with co-writer and director Julie Taymor, the Tony Award-winning creator of The Lion King.

The death of a key producer slowed the production for nearly two years while raising money, and the sheer size of the show - enormous sets, a 41-member cast and aerial stunts - needed time to perfect.

"It was easier than we could ever have imagined. Harder than we ever thought," said Bono. "I mean, easier in the sense that the music came to us effortlessly. Dreaming up the show, the scale of it, the flying sequence, the pop art opera that it is - that was all pure joy. What we didn't realise was how difficult it is to stage this stuff, both technically and financially."

"It's much more varied than anything we would ever achieve or set out to do with U2," added The Edge.

Bono explained: "There's big, otherworldly melodies. There's dance numbers. There's experimental, avant-garde, jagged metal pieces."

They hope the experience will unlock the songwriting and expand their vocabulary when they rejoin bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr in U2.

"As much as we've used our experiences with U2 to inform the way that we approach writing for this, we think that the opposite will happen, and when we come back to U2 Land, it'll be with a certain knowledge and sense of new thoughts and new ideas," The Edge said.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark kicks off on Broadway on Sunday.


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