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Union J's JJ Hamblett to be a dad

Union J's JJ Hamblett has announced he is to become a dad.

The 25-year-old singer and his girlfriend Caterina Lopez are expecting their first child

JJ tweeted: " Guys I want you to be the first to know that I've got some big news... I'm going to be a daddy... woop.

"My girlfriend and I are super super excited and the boys cant wait to be uncles! They are already thinking of names begining with J."

JJ and Caterina started dating when they met in the nightclub where Caterina worked. The pair live together and have a pet dog called Lola.

The former X Factor contestant's bandmates were quick to congratulate him.

Josh Cuthbert ‏was first to respond, tweeting: " SUPER DOOOPER WOOOOPER HAPPY FOR MY BROTHER JJ hi my names Uncle Josh...... just call me Uncle."

Jaymi Hensley added: " Congrats JJ & Cat - gonna be an uncle whoop," and George Shelley added: "JJ THE DAD! So proud of you brother. It's going to be the most gorgeous baby ever! Can't wait to teach it guitar! Hang on... NAPPIES! Eww."


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