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US reigns supreme at MTV Europe Awards

The United States dominated the 15th MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) last night with Britney Spears, Pink and Katy Perry picking up honours - and President-elect Barack Obama the loudest cheers.

Perry opened the star-studded ceremony dressed as an American footballer and riding atop a giant cherry chapstick as she performed her hit I Kissed A Girl.

The first guest performance came from R&B superstar Beyonce, with If I were a Boy, but it was the newly elected US president who drew the biggest cheers.

Jared Leto, of 30 Seconds to Mars, who won both the Rock Out and Video Star awards, had the crowd standing in honour of the President-elect.

Amid rapturous cheers, he said: "Lets hear it for Barack Obama."

Perry responded: "Maybe Europe will love us again now."

Pink was the first award winner of the night landing the gong for Most Addictive Track for So What.

The award was presented by the Sugababes, who joined in the American theme with Keisha, Mutya and Heidi taking to the stage each wearing red, white or blue.

Sir Paul McCartney was honoured in a special award - the Ultimate Legend Award - and, among others, thanked the people of America for electing Mr Obama.

The honour was presented by Bono, who said he was there to bestow the "first, last and only MTV Ultimate Award".

He said: "In the universe of rock and roll, the Beatles were the Big Bang.

"So many talented and gifted people have featured in these MTV awards tonight.

"On behalf of all the artists in this room, I will tell you something, I think we all suspect, someday, when all of us are gone and this great hall is no longer here.

"In two or three hundred years from now we sense, we fear our names will be forgotten.

"There is one person here, in this hall tonight whose songs we know will be heard now and forever.

"His songs will continue to be sung, heard and played as long as humans care about beauty and longing.

"There is one person here tonight whose work is immortal. There is only one Paul McCartney."

The award recognised McCartney as one of the most formative influences on the global music scene and as a founding father helping Liverpool earn the recent accolade as Most Musical City in the UK.

Sir Paul said: "I want to thank my mum and dad, Jim and Mary. I also want to thank my brother Mike who is here tonight.

"I want to thank my mates, Ringo, George and John. Many years ago there were four little boys, born here in Liverpool, and we went on to do quite well.

"Thanks to all my family, to all you for coming along, to everyone in Great Britain, to everyone in America for voting in Mr Obama."

Kanye West, winner of the Ultimate Urban award, gave a barnstorming performance of Love Lockdown before being joined on stage by British hip hop singer Estelle, 28, for their international hit American Boy.

Kelly Rowland presented the Artist Choice award to rapper Lil Wayne.

Former Liverpool footballer Michael Owen and Anastacia presented the Headliner category winner to German band Tokio Hotel.

Returning after a 15-year break, Take That mesmerised the audience with an exclusive first - an atmospheric performance of their new single Greatest Day.

The most unexpected winner of the night was 80s pop star Rick Astley, who took the Best Act Ever award after a public vote.

Astley was not available to attend the awards. In his absence it was picked up by Katy Perry and Perez Hilton who charmed the audience with a quick dance routine to his track Never Gonna Give You Up .

The song has become an internet sensation due to " Rickrolling" whereby internet users click onto an enticing link which takes them to the 1987 video.

In a statement Astley said: "I am honoured that my fans worked so hard to help me win Best Act Ever at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

"This is the first time I have been nominated for the EMAs and I would like to thank everyone who voted for me."

Female popstars sweep the boards

The 15th MTV Europe Music Awards was a ladies' night with Britney, Pink and Katy Perry picking up honours.

Here is a full run down of the MTV winners.

Most Addictive Track

Winner - PINK - So What

2nd Place - Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

3rd Place - Kid Rock - All Summer Long

Video Star

Winner - 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Life

2nd Place - Santogold - L E S Artistes

3rd Place - Weezer - Pork And Beans


Winner - Tokio Hotel

2nd Place - Linkin Park

3rd Place - Metallica

Ultimate Urban

Winner - Kanye West

2nd Place - Chris Brown

3rd Place - Beyonce

Rock Out

Winner - 30 Seconds too Mars

2nd Place - Metallica

3rd - Paramore

Artists Choice

Winner - Lil Wayne

Act of 2008

Winner - Britney Spears

2nd Place - Leona Lewis

3rd Place - Rihanna

MTV Europe Music Awards Ultimate Legend

Sir Paul McCartney

Album Of The Year

Winner - Britney Spears - Blackout

2nd Place - Leona Lewis

3rd Place - Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Europe's Favourite Act

Winner - Emre Aydin (Turkey)

2nd Place - Finley (Italy)

3rd Place - Shiri Maimon (Israel)

New Act

Winner - Katy Perry

2nd Place - Jonas Brothers

3rd Place - Miley Cyrus

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