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Van Morrison: I'd like to cut back on tours and be more selective



Sir Van Morrison has said he’d like to do fewer gigs in future

Sir Van Morrison has said he’d like to do fewer gigs in future

Sir Van Morrison has said he’d like to do fewer gigs in future

Sir Van Morrison has revealed he is getting ready to ease his workload by "cutting back and being more selective".

Despite his advancing years, the musician has kept up a busy recording and touring schedule, including upcoming shows at the Stormont Hotel and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

But while he enjoying writing new material, he has flagged up a desire to do less touring in the future.

Van, now aged 74, has a track called Bags Under My Eyes on his latest album, Three Chords & the Truth.

He said: "I'd like to cut back and be more selective. The travelling is the hard bit. Well, the travelling, then having to get your energy up to do gigs after you've travelled. I can see me cutting back."

Van agreed that his song Nobody In Charge railed against the current political climate.

He said: "That's exactly it. It (politics) doesn't occupy a lot of my time, but it seems to be a theme at present across the board.

"Nobody being in charge is a theme of the times we're living."

He said that he does not concern himself with Brexit and issues around the border.

He said: "Not really. That's their (politicians') job to get on with. My job is making music, writing songs and singing. That's my job. I'm apolitical."

On his song Fame Will Eat The Soul, he said the lyrics 'You drank some darkness, didn't you? Against the light within you' described how he sometimes feels about being famous.

He admitted: "Yeah, at times, but not all the time. Sure, I've felt that at times. That's the oldest song on the record - it was written a while ago.

"I've felt like that, but it comes and goes and you have to deal with it and you have various degrees of it.

"But really, it's just about getting this stuff out. You could say that writing songs is therapy, which it is."

It is now more than 50 years since the release of his album Astral Weeks, but Van told music magazine Uncut he believes he is "always current" and is "definitely" enjoying a purple patch in terms of songwriting.

He added: "It just is what it is and it feels like there is a momentum at this time.

"In the old days, I was doing it under duress. The way things were worked out, I was doing it in between gigs and it was very pressurised.

"Now it's not because I manage it and produce it myself. I'm not going through a record company.

"I deliver the product to the record company. In the old days, it was a very different thing."

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