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Vinyl record collectors go modern


Christina Aguilera's album Back To Basics is proving a good buy on vinyl

Christina Aguilera's album Back To Basics is proving a good buy on vinyl

Christina Aguilera's album Back To Basics is proving a good buy on vinyl

An album by Christina Aguilera and hits by chart acts such as Muse, Gorillaz and Keane are unlikely inclusions in a new list of record releases which are worth a small fortune to collectors.

Record Collector magazine has assembled a list of recent releases, most of them on vinyl, which now change hands for a hefty price including a £300 price tag for an Oasis box set.

Christina's Back To Basics release from just 2006 - released as a limited edition triple vinyl package - weighs in at £100.

The list of modern rarities also includes the debut Muse album Showbiz, Keane's first album Hopes And Fears and Demon Days by Gorillaz which are each valued at £100 on vinyl.

Kate Bush's 2005 album Aerial is another which the list's creator Ian Shirley - who edits the Rare Record Price Guide - puts at £100, even though almost mint copies of the singer's LP The Dreaming from more than two decades earlier can be had for as little as £8.

While many such lists tend to be dominated by classic early releases or obscure cult acts, the new sets of collectable releases which have come out since 2000 show that popularity and chart success are no barrier to high value. It is usually the scarcity of limited edition versions which has added to their value.

A box set by Blur called Blur 21, drawing together each of their album releases, now attracts a price of £200 on vinyl. Not to be outdone, their Britpop rivals Oasis attract £300 for the 2009 collection of each of their albums, according to the list to be published in the magazine's May edition out on Thursday.

Among the more esoteric entries is the incidental music from children's show The Clangers, with the 26 copies which came in a knitted sleeve going for around £125. And a 12-inch single by Jack White called Sixteen Saltines - said to have been the world's first liquid-filled record - is listed at £300.

The most expensive item on the list is Bob Dylan's The 50th Anniversary Collection which came out in 2012 and was limited to just 100 copies on four CD-R discs. They were pressed to extend the copyright of the material recorded in 1962 and are estimated to be worth £600.

Record Collector editor Ian McCann said: "It's common knowledge that some Beatles records can be worth a packet, and that you should never throw out original rock albums from the 1960s and 70s without finding out whether they are valuable.

"But few people realise that more recent vinyl albums can also be highly collectable, with fans desperate to obtain copies of albums by the likes of Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Keane as they were only pressed in very limited numbers because most buyers wanted these albums on CD or as downloads. It's about supply and demand: the print run was low, and demand is now high."

Other high-priced items in the list include:

:: Bob Dylan: The 50th Anniversary Collection (4xCD-R, 2012) - £600

:: Led Z eppelin: Soundtrack from T he Song Remains The Same (4xLP, 2008) - £500

:: Metallica: Death Magnetic (5x12-inch single, white vinyl, 2008) £500

:: The White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan (LP, 2005) £150

:: Coldplay: Viva La Vida (Or Death And All His Friends) - (promo LP, 2008) £80

:: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus (2xLP, 2004) £80

:: Arctic Monkeys: Five Minutes With (vinyl EP, 2005) - £70

:: Radiohead: The Best Of (4xLP, 2008) - £50