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Vinyl record sales up 60% in UK

Vinyl albums have staged a surprise fightback
Vinyl albums have staged a surprise fightback

The vinyl revival has seen UK record sales rise more than 60% in 12 months, according to figures released by the music industry.

Figures from t he International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) show vinyl sales in 2014 worth 31.7 million US dollars (£ 21 million), up from 19.9 million US dollars (£13.2 million) in 12 months.

The format - which at one point looked close to extinction in the face of CDs and streaming - has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years and sales of traditional singles and albums have been so strong that an official vinyl chart has just been launched.

The UK is the third biggest market in the world for vinyl, behind the United States and Germany.

IFPI chief excecutive Frances Moore said: "The recording industry is a portfolio business, offering music in formats from vinyl to streaming.

"Critics thought vinyl would disappear as a format, but many music fans around the world seem to be falling in love with it again. With the accompanying artwork and liner notes, vinyl records really can be a work of art and a collector's delight."


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