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Viva Brother prove a hit Stateside

Viva Brother have been splitting their time between Britain and the US
Viva Brother have been splitting their time between Britain and the US

Viva Brother reckon they're popular in the US because they are a "very English" band.

The foursome, who found fame thanks to a video on YouTube, have recently been Stateside to play on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the nightly talk show with an audience of more than two million.

And since last year, the laddish quartet have been flying backwards and forwards between the UK and US, promoting their music with as much enthusiasm on both sides of the Atlantic.

"It was something we were always keen to do. To build something in one place, then have to start afresh in another, didn't appeal to us," says drummer Frank Colucci.

"Life on the road in Viva Brother is entertaining. We never get bored! Surprisingly, we don't argue either. If the rot was going to set in, it would've done by now."

Audiences in America are lapping up Viva Brother's typically English sensibilities. From the way they dress and speak to the music they make, Colucci admits the band are something of a novelty to their US admirers.

"They like the fact we sound so typically English. I think Americans like things to be exaggerated; the size of their cars, their portions of food... Everything is done on such a big scale and I think they see us as an exaggerated version of an English band," he explains.

"Our music does sound English, and the people we meet seem more entertained by us because of where we're from.

"For the same reasons, I think we divide people in the UK. There's love from one sector, and resistance from another."

:: Viva Brother's debut album Famous First Words is out on August 1.



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