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Voice's Georgia: I must be myself

The Voice singer Georgia Harrup has said that the talent show has given her the chance to be herself.

The 27-year-old Huddersfield singer and distant cousin of Adele wanted to steer clear of music similar to that of her famous relative's, but when she tried her hand at being a dance artist her heart wasn't in it.

"I have done dance music in the past under the name Ellenyi," she told Metro.

"I did a lot of that because I wanted to stay away from the Adele thing, really. I'd go to work and sing a dubstep track and then come home and sing Ray Charles.

"The two were not matching and I think that was what made me decide to be myself."

She said that even if she doesn't succeed, it will have been worth the risk.

"I've reached that point where I'm 27 and if they don't like who I am, it's OK - I can be a housewife and have kids," she said.

Meanwhile, Bizzi Dixon, who joins Georgia on Sir Tom Jones' team on the BBC show, is glad The Voice has offered him another shot at fame following his hit in the 1990s with Bizzi's Party.

"I've never lost my passion for music and always believed in myself," he said.

The third member of "Team Tom", Sally Barker, 53, said that despite having toured with Bob Dylan and Robert Plant in the past, appearing on the singing contest has been daunting.

"There is a very big difference between touring over the last 30-odd years and appearing on a TV talent programme," she said.

Meanwhile, Sir Tom told Metro that he never invites famous people back to his LA home.

"I don't have parties at my house. My wife is a very quiet person and she gets very nervous if anybody shows up. Like Robbie Williams showed up the other day and my wife stayed in the bedroom. Even though she knows him... But I go to a lot of other people's houses," the Sex Bomb star said.


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