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Wainwright: Rufus taught me a lot

Martha Wainwright has revealed she "takes a lot of cues" from her older brother Rufus.

The Canadian singer, who is back with new album Come Home To Mama, insisted she didn't mind that her sibling had enjoyed more commercial success than her.

"He worked a lot harder to be where he is than I did. He deserves every lick of success," she told The Times.

"I wish I was better known, but it's sort of my fault because I do things that don't sound commercial. I don't behave in a manner that will necessarily be sellable.

"It's fine to be on the B-List, a perfectly nice place to be. I have a lot of freedom."

Martha, who is mum to two-year-old Arcangelo, revealed that she "wasn't a good singer in many ways; (Rufus) taught me".

:: Come Home To Mama is released on October 15.


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