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Wanted come clean over Rihanna text

The Wanted have come clean over rumours that Rihanna texted bandmember Siva Kaneswaran.

There were claims that the Umbrella star kept in touch with the Irish crooner after they met in a London club, and there were rumours they even visited a Greggs pasty shop together, but he has brushed them aside.

"That was all fibs - we were in a circle talking to her and I mentioned Greggs, and she didn't even know what Greggs was! So it was all lies," Siva admitted.

Bandmate Tom Parker added: "She didn't even know who we were," to which Max George clarified: "She did. Her first words to us were, 'You guys are everywhere'. We will never forget that."

The chart-topping group, who are taking part in a host of secret Live And Lost gigs with BlackBerry, were left gob-smacked when they met Rihanna recently.

"We met her at The X Factor - she is stunningly beautiful, and you just have to put those two words in the same sentence," revealed Tom.

Jay McGuinness added: "You could always say she's beautifully stunning - and she's a firecracker!"

:: The Wanted are taking part in the Live And Lost tour with BlackBerry, where they are dropped in a remote location with only £20 and a BlackBerry Torch 9800. Their adventures can be seen on


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