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Watch: Crowd-surfing wheelchair user shares stage with Coldplay in Dublin

One Irish fan had an extra special night at Coldplay's Croke Park gig in Dublin on Saturday, when he was brought on stage by frontman Chris Martin for a sing song.

Wheelchair user Rob caught the attention of the singer when he was hoisted into the air by a group of fans as an apology for one of them accidentally falling on him.

While raised in the air, Chris called for Rob to join him and he was soon crowd-surfing his way to the front of the stage.

While Chris ad-libbed a song about his love for Ireland to the crowd of nearly 75,000, Rob, a personal trainer, accompanied him on the harmonica.

Coldplay are renowned for getting their fans up on stage during their gigs.

Chris opened the Croke Park show by telling fans: "Cead mile failte. We've been away from Ireland and from Dublin for too long."

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